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No matter how your day begins or ends, there is always something to be grateful for.

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100 Happy Days Photo Challenge - not as easy as you’d think

Lola's 100 Days Happy Photo Challenge

If you’re on Instagram then you may have seen people you follow doing the #100happydays challenge. Basically, for 100 days you add the hashtag to a photo that shares what you’re happy about, what has made you happy, or any slice of happiness you feel free to share. (I also tagged all of mine with a personal hashtag, #lolashappy100)

 But let me tell you something! It’s not as easy as you’d think…

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To All The States I’ve Loved Before

To All The States I’ve Loved Before

and if you can guess the song that’s strumming along in the background of my mind (title should be a clue) you get extra double bonus points!

to all the states I've loved before

I’ve lived in 6 different states. Driven through many, but only have taken up residence in 6. 
I’m ok with this. I think I have a tinge of gypsy in my soul. I start getting itchy to move as the time draws near that my husband should be getting new orders.…

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6 Things I’ll miss once Summer is gone

6 Things I’ll miss once Summer is gone

All week long, and even starting last week, I’ve been seeing my friends on FB and IG posting photos of their kiddos going back to school.

Seriously, I’m not going to tell you I’m 100% NOT ready for my kids to go back. My son is getting to the point where he’s bored here at home, and when the girls start bickering and whining at each other there are not enough pillows for me to bury my head under…

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Lola Writes Around - Things They Can’t Say & MomSmack

Lola Writes Around – Things They Can’t Say & MomSmack

Thanks to FB and their craptastic algorithms, those of you who follow SheIsLola there may not have known that I’ve been writing in a few other places.

First I’d like to introduce you to MomSmack. I’ll be contributing there regularly, sharing posts and reviews about TV and Movies. My latest is my review on the much anticipated 50 Shades of Grey Trailer:

50 Shades of Grey Trailer Review - Are You 50 Shades Let Down by Laura Crawford on MomSmack

and also the Comic-Con 2014 TV Trailer…

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English Muffin Breakfast Waffle Sandwiches

English Muffin Breakfast Waffle Sandwiches

English Muffin Breakfast Waffle SandwichesWaffles are fun. But they’re also convenient and can make great out-the-door, ready-in-minutes, type breakfasts. Case in point? My english muffin breakfast waffle sandwich. 

Golden Arches can’t hold a McCandle to this awesomeness!

First thing you do is brown your sausage or bacon. Whatever breakfast meat you want to use, it’s up to you. In the EMBW you see in the photo, I used crumbled breakfast…

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